A Brand New Want To

I found this in my journal this morning. I am not sure where or who it came from, but this is speaking directly to me on this first day of February. 

January was a brutal month for me personally. What I have learned is that strong faith is truly a firm foundation. I learned that I am not as fragile as I thought. I learned that Romans 5: 3-5 is absolutely true and through trials God develops our character. I am thankful that my hope is in the Lord and that hope does not put me to shame "because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirt."

When you find yourself of the other side of trauma and looking to what lies before you, I hope these words speak to you as they have me. 

A Brand New Want To

Increase my delight in You so that my desires start sifting and shifting until they align with the ones You hold tightly in Your hands for me. 

Your desire is to profusely bless me, not withhold from me. 

You are trustworthy. You will never respond to my full surrender by starving my soul and leaving me empty. 

Give me the wants You want because anything less will rob me.



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