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Lent 2021- Prayer, Fasting, and Reflection

You may, or may not, have heard the phrase “observing Lent” or had someone say to you that they “gave (insert anything) up for Lent.” If you grew up in a denomination that observes Lent, then you are probably familiar with how and why it is observed. If you did not, no worries. Below is all you need to know and a good refresher for those who may be more familiar.

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The Greatest of These is LOVE

  I am sure that everybody knows the history of Valentine's Day and has heard all of the legendary stories of Cupid or Eros or whatever you want to call him. So today, instead of all of that, I thought it would be a welcomed change to talk about the different forms of love mentioned in the Bible. The English language is so limiting that when we tell someone we love them, we have to add adjectives to describe the degree and an adverb to describe the quality (ex. "I truly love you very much). The Greeks had an entirely separate word for each degree and quality of love, so there is no fluff and filler to the expression.  ...

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