Well, Hello There 2017!

I love the start of a new year… except mine doesn't start on January 1. I like to think of January as a free trial period. After the Christmas excitement and family gatherings, we get to celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday. Then, New Year’s Eve slaps me in the face and I feel “behind” because I have not planned out the next year.

A few years ago, I decided that I was not going to stress myself out and cram my yearly goal setting and life planning into the few distraction-filled days between Christmas and New Years. This is the evolution of the “January trial period”. I take the entire month of the current January to reflect on the previous year and imagine how I would like the next year to look… whew that is a mouthful. I make tons of lists: goals (business, personal, family etc.), reading, to do’s, and so on… Here comes the hard part: I pray for God to give me wisdom, courage, and humility to minimize and prioritize the lists. I want the Holy Spirit leading me in what I should be focusing my energy and efforts on, and not trying to achieve every single “want to” I come up with.

I have an hopeful anticipation for 2017- despite the worldly woes… and I pray that you do too! There is a stirring in the church and a generation standing up for the gospel.

I would love for you to join me in diving deeper in the Word. Bible journaling has been a wonderful tool for me the past few years to keep me grounded in Truth. It is a way for me to literally write the scripture on my heart and produce an outward illustration of what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me through a passage. Bible journaling has opened the doors to new friendships, quality fellowship with small groups, and a craving to read the Bible!

Twenty-seventeen, for me, will be a year to focus on my calling and share resources, tips, techniques, and more with you! So… Welcome friends and 2017!

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