About Gracefully Designs

 Bible Journaling is a creative, expressive way to dive into God’s Word. The pages you create are personal representations of your growth through study.

In the past few years of bible journaling, personally, I have found that there is not a right or wrong way to create pages in your bible.

Bible journaling is an external product of what the Holy Spirit has written on your heart.

We as Christians study the bible to be informed, transformed, and ultimately conformed to Christ. Our art, just like our faith, is not a comparison tool. We can respond and create very differently than our fellow bible journalers. Welcome to this fun, inspiring way to write God’s Word on your heart.

I pray that you will be informed, transformed, and conformed by the Word like never before!



Valerie Bailey is the owner of Gracefully Designs which offers specialized and customized Bibles and Bible tabs.  She loves Jesus, her family, and Bible study!